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I had originally set aside two and a half weeks for a trip to Hong Kong.  Unlike my last trip to HK where I had planned the timing around my friend’s wedding in Taiwan, this year’s trip was simply to visit with friends, eat lots of food and be in town when other travelling friends were going to be there.  If all had worked out, I would be in HK right now.

While still in the early planning stage (prior to realizing the HK trip was not going to happen), I had been chatting with friends about various priorities.  No, not the sightseeing venues or tourist activities, but rather the food-related arrangements.

One thing I always look forward to when visiting HK is being invited to Derrick‘s place for a home-cooked meal.  In addition to showing me the basics of how to use my camera, Derrick has also cooked up some delicious seafood feasts for me – fresh, home-cooked and simple.

Prawns waiting to be prepared

preparing the fish

Prawns are ready!

Prawns served with garlic butter

Steamed fish with ginger and green onions

green mango salad

Unfortunately, I was unable to go on my HK trip this year.  Reminiscing with these photos from the 2009 seafood feast will have to suffice (for now).