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I was reading the Vancouver Sun online when I came across this article “Hawksworth cleans up at 2012 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards” yesterday.

The first time I went to Hawksworth Restaurant was last fall.  We were going out for my friend’s belated birthday dinner and my friend picked Hawksworth.  I remember being impressed with the interior, the quality of the food and, most importantly, the attentive service.  In fact, I even posted photos from my delicious first visit to Hawksworth.

When V was back in town last fall, we added Hawksworth to her “must visit” list.   V, B and I met for dinner at Hawksworth one evening.  We were seated by the window which offered a front-seat view of the filming outside the hotel/restaurant.  For the purposes of the movie, the north side of 800 block of West Georgia Street was transformed into New York City, complete with the yellow New York taxis and subway station entrance.

Of course, it’s been so long (5 months?) since our meal at Hawksworth that I cannot remember the names of what was ordered.  If you happen to know the name of any of these items, please let me know and I will add them back on.  (V?  B?  Do you two remember?)  Here’s what we ordered:

V's appetizer - tuna cappacio

B's salad

my appetizer - octopus salad

V's entree

B's lamb entree

my fish entree

V's dessert macarons

B's milk chocolate mousse dessert

I could not remember the name of the dessert that I had tried in September so out came my camera.  After viewing the photo on the camera, the friendly server immediately identified what I wanted.

my kalamanzi dessert (Nov 2011)

And guess what, it looks the same as the photo taken the last time I tried it!

My choice - Kalamanzi dessert.  Notice that the camera has the date stamp of Sept 2011?

better than getting mints with your bill...

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