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It’s been almost three weeks since I posted something.  This does not mean I haven’t thought about blogging.  It just means that I was not able to write something beyond the first two sentences.

I have had a few great meals in the last couple of weeks… and some that were not so great.  I am definitely no food connoisseur but simply someone who likes to go out and enjoy a meal.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive nor does it have to be served on fine china.  It just has to look appealing (to me) and taste delicious (to me).  It should also be served to meet cleanliness standards. Let me give you a couple of examples of things that have stopped me from returning to some places (that shall remain unnamed).  For example, I prefer to have my tea served without random napkin bits floating around the edge.  I also prefer not to see any random hair in my meal nor on the edge of my plate.  I can easily differentiate my hair that *just* fell versus something that may have been cooked to the perfection of my meal.  Uh,.. no thanks.

In addition to my “I’m-grossed-out-and-cannot-go-back-there-again-unless-I-really-have-to” venue list, I also have a couple of other things that secure some places on my “I-am-not-coming-back-here-unless-I-really-have-to” (non-grossed out version).  So what is the criteria for the latter list?

I won’t list all the things in one blog post but here is one relating to lunch breaks  — when I’m on my one-hour lunch break at work and the food is so s-l-o-w to arrive.  I can understand the delay if the restaurant is really busy and we were slow to order.  However, when we order shortly after being seated in a half-empty restaurant and the meal does not arrive until 5 minutes before I have to be back at work, that is slightly problematic and somewhat stressful.  Note to self, do not come back here during my lunch break.

This scenario happened most recently at the beginning of April.  I was meeting up with four friends for lunch.  Our order was placed shortly after 12:10 pm and we had all selected noodles off a “lunch special” menu.  The side salads were served quickly after our order was placed.  We finished our salads and waited — 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes.  I decided to follow-up on the order as I did have to get back to work.  By the time we were able to flag down a server, she assured us our meals were on their way.  At 12:55 pm, the noodles were brought to our table.  Four of the orders correct, one order incorrect.  Luckily for my friends, they did not have to rush back to work.  I quickly asked to get mine packed to go.  It took another five minutes before they came back and told me that there were no takeout containers to carry both the noodles and accompanying soup.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry (from absurdity of the situation) when the server came back with my noodles in a dry food take-out container in one hand and the restaurant’s ceramic bowl with the soup broth in the other.  She offered to let me take the bowl away — as is.  I wish I had taken a photo of the scene.  Thinking back, it was very comical although at that time, not so much.

soup-deprived ramen