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I am not a morning person.  I am not afraid to admit that I like to sleep and I love to sleep in.

The perfect weekends and days off usually start with being able to sleep until my mind tells me to wake up and get up.  No alarm clock to screech or interrupt my sleep mode.  Even though I am told that one cannot “make-up” lost sleep during the week by sleeping extra on the weekends, I know that it helps me function better (and feel less grumpy) when I do sleep those extra hours.  Occasionally, I will make exceptions and sacrifice my opportunity to sleep in.  Sunday was one such day.

Patricia and I have been trying to make brunch plans for months.  In a similar situation with Vikki, plans were made and postponed several times.  When we finally found a mutually convenient date that neither of us was nursing some cold or flu, I was happy to lose a couple of hours of “sleeping in” to meet Patricia for brunch at White Spot.  J, whom I haven’t seen since our king crab meal last year, also joined us for brunch that morning.

Not really a coffee-drinker and unable to justify ordering tea when I have tons at home, I opted instead for “The Spot’s Berry Smoothie” as my drink option.  Although it reminded me of drinking a melting frozen yogurt cup, it was tart and tasty and perfect for preparing my appetite for the big brunch I was about to devour.

Here are some quick snaps of what we ordered:

Granny Smith Apple Cinnamon Waffle

J ordered the waffle and ice cream (instead of the whipping cream).  I am guessing that ice cream is healthier than just whipping cream.  Although I’m happy with either option.

Pulled Pork Big Bowl

Patricia ordered the pulled pork big bowl.  No kidding you, it was a big bowl.  I was almost tempted to order this as well but I was craving their special smashed potatoes (hash brown replacement) which I had tried a couple of weeks ago.

Santa Fe Breakfast Burrito

I ordered the Santa Fe Breakfast Burrito.  Tah-dah!  Just like the meal in the tabletop advertisement — burrito and smoothie!  OK, so perhaps the eggs cooked up in my burrito did not look half as appetizing as the eggs in their photo, but it tasted pretty good.  The pulled pork, that is, tasted pretty good.  The burrito was served with their smashed potatoes (which I have come to greatly adore) and three sauces: tomato salsa, avocado salsa and a cilantro sour cream.  I’ve never been big on avocados or sour cream but I have to say, I think I used up every bit of the sauce trio.

All I can say is that it’s a good thing I am not obsessed with watching my weight yet.  However, if I keep eating like this, I may need to go out and purchase a new wardrobe soon.  Oh yes, and in case you were wondering… don’t worry, the ice cream was served at the same table but not with the pulled pork.  😉

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