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If you asked me to name one menu item that has been ordered a few times in the last few weeks, “poutine” wins that competition hands down.

When Vikki and I met up earlier this month, poutine showed up as one of the three sampler appetizers.  The Prestons poutine with pulled pork was amazing.  By far my favourite item of the evening.  In case you didn’t read that post, here’s the pulled pork poutine photo:

Prestons Pulled Pork Poutine

Less than a week later, B and I were checking out Au Petit Chavignol.   Guess what showed up at our table?  🙂  Poutine!  This time it was the Short-Rib Poutine.  The poutine at Au Petit Chavignol was very delicious but I think the raclette and arugula salad made an even bigger impression on me.  All three were good but the simple flavours of the raclette and arugula salad are just a little notch higher in my books.  Again, if you have not read up about our visit, here’s the short-rib poutine photo:

Short Rib Poutine

Vikki and I decided that we didn’t want to wait another three months before meeting up again so we went for dinner this evening.  We bounced around a few ideas of where to eat and when Vikki suggested Dunn’s Famous Restaurant & Delicatessen, I looked up their menu online.  It didn’t take long for the word “poutine” to jump out at me.  In fact, there were several options for poutine.  By the time I replied to Vikki that Dunn’s sounded great, I had already decided on ordering the Dunn’s Poutine.

We arrived at Dunn’s for an early dinner.  When I say early, I mean seated and ordered by 5 pm.  Vikki and I each ordered a poutine.  As I was also craving veggies, we ordered a salad to share.  Here’s what we ordered:

My order of Dunn's Poutine

Vikki's order of Dunn's Italienne Poutine

Must have greens at the table. An order of salad to share.

My poutine had the special Dunn’s gravy while Vikki’s had the meat sauce.  I tried a bite of Vikki’s order.  It tasted good.  But personally, I prefer the gravy.  Yummy!   I was quite content with my choice.  🙂  The salad was a very good balance for our meal and it tasted quite refreshing.

I have to say though, I am so full.  No, I am not limiting my reference to immediately after the meal.  I mean even now…  almost 6 hours after the meal.  I am still full…very full.

So perhaps you are wondering, out of the three poutines that I have tried (3.01 if you count the bite I tried from Vikki’s dish), which one is my personal favourite?  That is a difficult question since they all tasted great and were all served with different meat and sauce toppings.  Prestons had the pulled pork, Au Petit Chavignol had the short-rib and Dunn’s had the chopped Montreal smoked meat.  I think Prestons pulled pork poutine might actually be slightly ahead of the rest for me.  The sauce, flavour and softness of the pulled pork combination makes it just that one sliver more tasty.

Have you tried the poutine at any of these places?  Do you have recommendations for other places in Greater Vancouver that serve a delicious poutine?