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It is nice to just have a day to sit at home and do nothing.  Today is that day.  It is also a good day to sit down in front of the computer and do a little blogging.

It’s been a busy few weeks for me since completing my courses last month.  Except for the first weekend when I was at a loss of what to do with my excess time, it’s been one weekend event after another.  Last weekend was probably one of the most exhausting weekends I’ve had in a long time.  I remember going back to work on Monday feeling more tired than when I left the previous Friday afternoon.  Not a good way to start a busy week at work.  Lesson learned – do not stay out late on Sunday nights if Monday is a work day.

B and I had made plans weeks ago to go check out Au Petit Chavignol.  It’s a good thing we had also decided that B was going to do the driving because I was definitely too tired to drive.  She picked me up after work (yes, one of the few times I actually leave the office on time!) and we were off to the Strathcona area to try out this little restaurant.

We arrived earlier than we expected and found ample parking on Hastings Street just steps away from the restaurant.  We decided to take a quick spin through les amis du FROMAGE before claiming our reservation at Au Petit Chavignol.

Being an early Monday dinner, we were able to pick our own seats.  As there were already people occupying the tables by the windows, we opted for the seats at the back of the restaurant.  I actually preferred the bistro table in the back. B sat on the inside bench and I sat on the outer barstool.  The barstool was perfect for my long legs.

Au Petit Chavignol

B was responsible for doing the ordering although I did put in my request for the arugula salad.  I think I was craving greens.  My favourites were the raclette, the arugula salad and the short rib poutine.  Here’s what we tried:


I really enjoyed the raclette.  The salted fingerling potatoes and the melted cheese combination was delicious.   If we hadn’t ordered so many other things, I would have ordered another raclette.  They were one of the daily feature items for Mondays.

ricotta ball

Arugula Salad

In the last few years, I’ve suddenly taken quite a liking to the taste of arugula.  When I saw arugula salad on the menu, I just had to order it.  I found it very light and refreshing.

Short Rib Poutine

There were so many blobs of cheese in the short rib poutine.  Every time I went to get more poutine, I seemed to be scooping up cheese.  I was starting to get a bit worried.  Luckily B must have been able to read my mind (or actions) and assured me there was indeed lots of cheese in the poutine and I wasn’t hogging it all.

Salted Caramel and Praline Ice Cream Sandwich

We wrapped up the evening with their salted caramel and praline ice cream sandwiches as dessert.  Although the caramel tasted a bit burnt, the ice cream bars were a nice, cool way to end the meal.  It also gave me the little chilly, wake-up kick that I needed as the caffeine from my morning latte started to wear off.

One thing I did not realize until now is that we were there on Au Petit Chavignol’s 3rd birthday.  Happy Belated Birthday, Au Petit Chavignol!

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