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Happy Year of the Dragon!

To celebrate the new year, I have taken a couple of days off work.  There is nothing quite like being able to start a “new year” with staying home and sleeping in.  It feels that much more satisfying when you know almost everyone else out there has to go to work.  Another benefit of staying home today is to avoid the rainy weather.  I noticed it did clear up for a bit in the afternoon but I was quite content to stay home and take a nap instead.

I had my fair share of being in the rain yesterday as I took public transit to meet up with C for lunch.  It was pouring rain on my way there and back.  Despite the wet weather, it was great to meet up with C and do some catching up.  I think the last time we met up would have been two years ago before she moved away from Vancouver.

So on this wet and windy January afternoon, we met up at Corner 23 for some Taiwanese food.   There were so many options on the menu that we had difficulty deciding what to eat.  In the end, we selected a few sharing items from the appetizer section.

marinated tofu

salty-peppery chicken nuggets

a fatty pork dish with sauce... but of course, I was too busy eating to pay attention to the name...

steamed bun

Xiao Long Bao

ginger vinegar sauce for dipping xiao long bao

One of the interesting discussions we had revolved around the topic of blogging.  I mentioned to C that since the completion of my BCIT course, I have found it difficult to sit down and blog.  While taking my course, I was restricted to writing blog posts that answered specific topics posed by the instructor.  And now…?  The eating out has not stopped but the discipline to sit down and blog has become more challenging.

After a couple of hours of chatting, we were also full from the continuous snacking.  I was ready to brave the rain again and we parted our ways.  It was good to see C before Chinese New Year and I look forward to our next get-together.

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