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December 31 marked the end of an old year.  Many people celebrate the end of the previous year by feasting, drinking and partying as they ring in the new year.  This year, I went out with my friend, S, to grab an early dinner.  I was craving wonton soup and we decided to go to Congee Noodle King on Kingsway.

Upon arrival at Congee Noodle King, we noticed a crowd of people at the front door yet there were a few empty tables.  The big tables were all fully seated and it looked like many families were having their New Year’s Eve dinner.  As it was just S and myself, we were quickly seated at a small table.  The tables were packed closely together so I had to be careful not to jar the elbow of the stranger at the next table as I settled into my chair.

While I was craving wontons, S was craving vegetables.  Here’s what we picked:

wontons & dumplings in soup

stir-fried snow pea tips in garlic

chinese doughnut rice roll

Nothing fancy but the food was good and it satisfied our cravings.  In fact, there were other people who sat at a table next to us and after looking at our food selection, pointed at our bowl of wontons & dumplings to indicate they wanted to order that as well.  Towards the end of our meal, we looked over at a table against the wall.  There were two young females (early twenties?) who had a table full of food:  spicy chili crab, deep-fried pork spare ribs, noodles and a few other things.  By the time we left, they were finishing up the crab but I still counted at least 3 other big dishes on the table.  I wonder if they managed to finish everything or how much they ended up packing for home.  How nice it is to be young and able to eat so much!

January 01 marks the beginning of a new year.  I look forward to more quality time with family and friends.  I also look forward to more good eats around town.

Happy New Year!

Congee Noodle King 粥麵軒 on Urbanspoon