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In celebration of Christmas and to show our appreciation for our staff, the management team at work cooked up a Holiday Breakfast in mid-December.  Planned, prepared and paid for by the managers and supervisors, our breakfast included a spread of bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, hash browns, fruit, croissants and muffins.  Lucky for the people on cooking duty, we did get some help from one of the early bird staff members.

lots and lots of bacon

bacon on the grill

ridding of the excess fat

bacon is ready!

sausages ... yummy...

the best scrambled eggs I've ever had!

hash browns in the pan

hash browns almost ready for serving...

the healthy part of our spread

Costco blueberry muffins - very tasty

breakfast is ready


One of my team members won a box of cute chocolates.  In fact, they looked too cute to eat.  They sat on her desk at work for over a week before she finally cracked it open and shared it with the team.  I happened to have taken the day off to spend time with my family but was pleasantly surprised to come back to work and find a red-nosed reindeer chocolate wrapped up in tissue on my desk.  How sweet of her – she saved me one!  🙂   (Thank you!!)

cute chocolates that my team member won

my red-nosed reindeer chocolate

Even from when I was a kid, I would always eat my chocolate animals from their ears down. (Read: Easter bunny always lost his ears first)  This time was no different.  But lo and behold, when I ate the antlers off the reindeer… I got a red-nosed monkey!  My team members and I had a great time — both from laughing at the resemblance and cuteness and from us taking pictures of it.  Yes, sometimes some of the most random yet simplest things can bring us joy.

now I have a red-nosed monkey...

what does he look like now?

I hope everyone finds joy and appreciation in the simplest things in life.

Merry Christmas!!!