The end of November was quite intense with our group project due the Sunday before our final exam.  I originally took this course because I had too much free time on my hands and wanted to do something so I wouldn’t feel stagnant.  Did this course meet its goal?  Oh boy, did it ever.  Not only did I have no free time to feel stagnant, but I had little time to myself.   For at least 9 weeks of the course, I felt as though I was either at work working or I was on a computer somewhere doing my online discussions, blogging, group project, etc.   Considering the fact that I took the course for “entertainment” purposes, it sure took a lot of energy out of me.  Even while in university, I do not recall having to write a 3 hour midterm.  But for this course, I had my first 3 hour midterm as well as the expected 3 hour final exam.

All in all, it was quite exhausting and I am thankful that it is finally over!

Just like the old days, writing “December” final exam(s) means that Christmas is just around the corner.  It also means that Christmas cards need to be written and mailed, presents need to be purchased and wrapped, but most importantly, it always means that it is time to set aside all the “busy” excuses and meet up with good friends.

Of particularly good timing is that my friend, T, is moving back to Vancouver and she returned to town on the Tuesday after I wrote my final exam.  We met up for lunch on the Wednesday at Shuraku Sake Bar & Bistro.  I took one hour of vacation time and tagged it to my lunch break so that T & I could do some catching up without having me dash off in an hour. What a difference one hour can make!  We enjoyed a very leisurely and delicious lunch.

It is always fun meeting up with friends. In fact, I have spent the last two weeks meeting up with people and eating lots and lots of food.  Yes, there will be more photos to share .. but now, I have to head out to meet another friend for dinner!  😉

Lunching at Shuraku with T