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The Measurement Tool Assignment

The Week 10 blog assignment for my course is to discuss a social media marketing measurement tool.  For this assignment, I selected the Facebook Page Updates that are emailed weekly to the page administrator.

Every week, Facebook sends a “Weekly Facebook Page Update” to the email address on file.  In this update, the following numbers for the week are provided: monthly active users, likes, wall posts/comments and visits.  Beside each of the categories, there is also information about the amount of change since last week.   It provides a snapshot of the most important measurable numbers in one location.  However, this particular summary email does not provide graphs or trends assessed over a period of time.  It also does not provide qualitative information about the wall posts and responses.  The more enhanced data is probably made available to the page administrator through other methods.

Terra Breads on Facebook

Terra Breads is a local artisan-style bakery in Vancouver, BC.  The first Terra Breads bakery/cafe was opened in 1993 in the Kitsilano area.  There are now a total of four locations in Vancouver and their products are available at various stores throughout the Lower Mainland.  Terra Breads recently added some social media marketing with a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

To better understand the weekly Page Update, I had an opportunity to view a few emails for the Terra Breads Facebook page.  This very simple at-a-glance summary is perfect for people who do not like to deal with complicated statistical information. Looking at the numbers provided, I could see that some weeks had more active users and visits than other weeks.  I was curious about one particular week where there were no new likes and the number of visits to the page had gone down significantly from the week before but yet bounced up the week after.  I went back to the Terra Breads Facebook page and noticed that there was only one wall posting during the week in question.  The next week, there were three wall posts and the stats bounced upwards again.  This demonstrates that the wall posts do contribute to bringing traffic to the page.

Conversations about Terra Breads

On further read of the assignment instructions, there is actually a part two to the blog assignment.  This part involves finding a specified number of conversations about the company and examining the sentiments (emotions) of the conversations.  According to my course notes, measuring sentiment involves coding conversations and discussions.  Comments are graded as +1 (positive), 0 (neutral) and -1 (negative).  The numbers are added together to determine if the overall comments are positive or negative.   To find some online conversations on Terra Breads, I simply searched for “Terra Breads blogs” on Google and selected the first ten blog links that came up.  A line or two was quoted from each blog post and the sentiment of the blog post was graded.  Have a look at what came up.

1 ) Penny and Rusty’s Food Blog (September 26, 2011):

“There are lots of places in Granville Island to grab a quick bite or pick up a few tasty morsels… one place that we keep going back to is Terra Breads located in the Market.”

They keep going back – positive comment.  (+1)

2 ) Vancouver Sun Staff Blogs – Word of Mouth (March 02, 2011):

“Terra Breads, a beloved Vancouver institution since 1993, will be opening a cafe on the Olympic Village Plaza.”

With the term “beloved” it is safe to say that this blogger thinks positively of Terra Breads.  (+1)

3 ) Foodosophy (January 30, 2009):

“The sweet focaccia with its great crispy portions and a softer chewy texture on the inside was probably my favorite of the bunch – I would get this again for sure.  The Blueberry bread was a bit more crumbly but not as much as my beloved scones. ”

An older blog post but if it was worth ordering again, then it was positive. (+1)

4 ) The Village on False Creek (September 24, 2011):

“Terra Breads Café opened its doors today at The Village with a warm welcome from the community and Vancouver media (Global TV, CTV, NEWS 1130, and more were all on site)!”

A warm welcome from the community is a positive.  (+1)

5 ) The lunch box (June 1, 2011):

“While I was in the cereal aisle, I found Terra Breads artisan granola with the other granolas.    Quickly, I shelved my plan to make some and purchased the Terra Breads one instead (even though it was a little more than I was thinking of spending).”

“We were so pleased with our granola treat that I emailed Terra Breads and asked them if I could review the Granola for my Blog…”

I really enjoyed reading this particular blog post and could not resist posting two quotes.  In fact, now I want to try the Terra Breads Artisan Granola too! (+1)

6 ) Kitsilano.ca – Kit’s Neighbourhood Blog (April 09, 2007):

“I guess my days of dropping in to just buy a sourdough baguette are done.”

Another older blog post (2007).  The post itself is quoting a Vancouver Sun article about sandwiches and panini that are offered at Terra Breads.  If the blogger is thinking of expanding the shopping list at Terra Breads, that is yet another positive comment.  (+1)

7 ) The Compost Diaries (November 13, 2009):

“He liked my Embreaded post, so he called me up. He shares my passion for Terra Breads, although clearly in a more salacious way. Have a listen.”

An amusing audio clip is attached to this blog post.  Check out the blog post Embreaded that was referred to in the conversation as well.  (+1)

8 ) My Secret Eden (May 04, 2010):

“The cafe itself was also very spacious and bright. I loved their patio too, with the sun shining (that day), it looked like the perfect place to relax the afternoon away.”

Sounds like a great way to spend a sunny day.  (+1)

9 ) Vancouver Slop (October 24, 2008):

“To keep things fresh on the blog, I’ve decided to post some Vancouver food for eating in. This post is regarding my latest addiction, Terra Breads’ Artisan Granola”

An older blog post but if it’s an “addiction” at the time of posting, it’s a compliment.  (+1)

10 ) The Culinary Adventures of a Greedy Guts (November 10, 2009):

“Final Thoughts: If you are looking for a quick and simple breakfast or lunch and you don’t want to spend a lot then the Terra Breads café makes for a good stop. The coffee is yummy, the food is fresh and wholesome and you can pick up a fresh loaf of bread for home.”

Need I say more?  I think she has covered it all.  🙂  (+1)

The sentiment measurements total to a 10 out of 10.  I think it is safe to say that the overall sentiment for Terra Breads is positive.  Now that I have read so much about Terra Breads, I think I will need to try the Artisan Granola and stop by the cafe to get a sandwich or a blueberry scone.

And, of course, no blog post here is complete without a photo!  This is my most memorable and edible connection with Terra Breads.  What is your’s?

Terra Breads at the brunch table (bottom right) on New Year's Day 2011