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This is Week 7 of my 12 week course and we’ve come to the assignment that makes me cringe.  No, I am not kidding.  As we learned in Week 2 of our course, my honesty falls along the lines of “being authentic” and in my opinion, realistic.  I dislike listening to recordings of my voice and assume I am not alone with that dislike either.  But what can you do when it’s an assignment for marks?  *shrug* Oh well…

This week’s assignment is to create a video commentary that is not more than one minute.  When you think about it, 60 seconds is not a lot of time.  My first recording was almost 1.5 minutes in length.  It took me a few attempts but I am proud to say that my video only runs 57 seconds — just squeaking under the 1 minute limit.  🙂

As the theme of my blog has to do with food and my write-ups all relate back to the food I eat, this video assignment is no different.  Recently, my friend suggested going to Cafe Crepe for lunch and since then, the Granville Street dine-in location has become one of our favourites.  In preparation for this assignment, I searched for some reviews of Cafe Crepe and came up with this blog post from O My Sweet Tooth as well as this one from The Hungry Nomad.

Have you been to one of the Cafe Crepe locations in downtown Vancouver?  What type of fillings do you choose when you order a crepe?  Sweet or savoury?