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This week’s blog activity is to do a “top-ten list”.  Aside from the initial Hello World post, this is another one of those homework posts that I enjoy putting together. It is nice to not be restricted to discussing only concepts from our weekly module readings.  The most difficult aspect of this posting is to determine which photos get selected as I share some of my favourite food (and drink) items in Vancouver.

 #1 – Vanilla LatteCaffe Artigiano

Vanilla Latte

I consider myself a “social coffee drinker”.  I do not drink coffee regularly but will treat myself to a latte from time to time.  If I happen to go to a Caffe Artigiano, I always order the tall vanilla latte.

#2 – Garganelli PolloItalian Kitchen 

Garganelli Pollo

While flipping through my Facebook food album, I realized that I really like the Garganelli Pollo pasta dish at Italian Kitchen.  How else do you explain the appearance of two Garganelli Pollo photos within a four-month period?  The combination of sun-dried tomatoes, peas and roasted chicken broth was delicious.

#3 – Pan Roasted Pacific SablefishHawksworth Restaurant  

Pan Roasted Pacific Sablefish

In a previous blog post, I mentioned my enjoyable dinner at Hawksworth.  The sablefish entree served in the tom yum broth was tasty.  The photo here simply does not do it justice.  However, it gives me a good reason to go back again!  😉 

#4  Malaysian Style LaksaTamarind Hill Malaysian Cuisine

Malaysian Style Laksa

My first visit to Tamarind Hill Malaysian Cuisine was a few years ago when my friends took me out for a birthday dinner.  My Malaysian friend told me that Tamarind Hill is one of the most authetic Malaysian Restaurants in Greater Vancouver.  She ordered several dishes that all tasted very good but the one that really caught my attention was the laksa.  I love noodles.  I love noodles in soup.  Yes, I love laksa. 

#5 Futomaki RollSushi King House

Futomaki Roll (bottom right), California Roll (top left) plus various other rolls

After going to Sushi King House and being served with their supersized sushi rolls, I have found it very difficult to go back to eating normal-sized rolls at a regular sushi place.  While I also enjoy their California Roll and Alaska Roll, if I was limited to ordering only one type of roll, it would definitely be the Futomaki Roll. 

#6 Pan Fried Bean Curd Rolls with ShrimpFortune House Restaurant

Pan Fried Bean Curd Rolls with Shrimp

In the last few years, I have been to dim sum at Fortune House Restaurant many, many times.  Occasionally we will try some of the “new” items on the order form but usually we just order the same items every time. One of my “must haves” is the Pan Fried Bean Curd Rolls with Shrimp.   I am a big shrimp fan and enjoy the crispiness of the bean curd wrapper.  It can get a bit oily but overall, it is one of my favourite items at Fortune House.

#7 Monte Cristo SandwichGriffins Restaurant

Monte Cristo Sandwich

From time to time, my friends and I will go to Griffins for their Monte Cristo Sandwich.  The blending flavours of the ham and swiss cheese topped with a grilled pineapple makes it very flavourful.  I really like how Griffins serves it with a fresh salad on the side.  Yummy!

#8 Individually Baked Apple PieJoey Restaurants 

Individually Baked Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Freshly baked apple pie served warm with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Mmmmm…. What more can I say?  I’m in dessert heaven!!!

#9 Hand-Shredded Chicken and Baked Tapioca PuddingKoon Lock Restaurant

Hand-Shredded Chicken

Baked Tapioca Pudding

Hand-Shredded Chicken is one of my favourite dishes at Koon Lock. It is definitely another “must have” menu item. The blend of flavours and textures make it difficult to stop after the first bite, the second bite… and even the last bite! Luckily I always end it off with a Baked Tapioca Pudding. Yes, I know that is two dishes from the same place, but in my opinion, dinner at Koon Lock is incomplete if you have one but not the other.

#10 Keyhan’s Famous Lasagna – by special request

Keyhan's Famous Lasagna (January 2011 version)

You may have noticed that there is no website link for this last item. The reason is very simple. Keyhan’s Famous Lasagna is a homemade lasagna that my friend Keyhan makes. It is fantastic! The first time I tried it, I had two big servings. It is the best lasagna I have ever had!

Have you tried any of the above items?  What are some of your favourite foods (and drinks) in and around Greater Vancouver?  Do you have a particular cuisine that you like?