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Time again for our weekly blog activity.  The assignment this week is to design a test that examines a component of a company’s social media campaign.  For this (fictitious) test design, I selected Hawksworth Restaurant which is in the new Rosewood Hotel Georgia (re-opened under new management and after restoration of the original Hotel Georgia).

Presented as “[g]lamorous and elegant, yet relaxed and welcoming with warm and attentive service” on their own website, dinner at Hawksworth Restaurant has definitely lived up to the description… and more.  Because of my wonderful dining experience, I was interested in learning more about this restaurant.  In addition to a page on the Rosewood Hotel Georgia website, I noted that Hawksworth Restaurant also has its own website, Facebook page and Twitter account, all of which reflect the same fine qualities of the restaurant.  As it is, they appear to be quite well-equipped in the social media realm.  In fact, by looking at their Facebook page, they have already run a few contests over Facebook and Twitter.

Hotel Georgia Cocktail - signature drink

For the purposes of this blog assignment and to determine whether their restaurant patrons are more active on Facebook or on Twitter (or both), a (fictitious) test can be conducted in the form of a contest.  Running for the month of November, the contest can be presented on Hawkworth Restaurant’s Facebook page as well as on their Twitter.  For every dining visit, patrons can identify what their favourite menu item is by tweeting on Twitter or posting to Hawksworth Restaurant’s official Facebook wall.  These tweets and wall posts can be entered into a draw that takes place in mid-December and gives out prizes in the form of a dinner for two or a lunch for four.

The number of entries via Facebook or Twitter can be used to identify which platform is more popular with the restaurant patrons.  It may even be possible to determine how many use both social media platforms.  The restaurant can also monitor the numerical changes to the likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter before, during and after the contest to determine if running such a contest has an impact on likes and followers.  Furthermore, Hawksworth Restaurant can also take the content of these wall posts and tweets to identify which menu items are popular with the patrons.

Will regular patrons go more often if such a contest is being run?  Will new clients try Hawksworth because there is a contest?  I’m not sure if the contest itself would bring in more customers and/or new customers but having been to Hawksworth myself and experienced the fabulously attentive service as well as tried the delicious food, I know I’ll be back there again – contest or no contest!

seared qualicum bay scallops

dungeness crab salad

pan roasted pacific sablefish