This week’s blog activity is to write about our social media personality.  I must admit that the topic was far more difficult to blog about than I originally thought …  at least, for me that is the case.  I always cringe when people say “Tell me about yourself” or when it shows up on as an essay topic in the midst of an important application process.  For some people, they love to talk about themselves, who they are, what they do and every little detail under the sun.  For me, not so much.

To get a better understanding of the term “social media personality”, I did a quick internet search and browsed through some of the suggested links.  In his blog post, “11 Social Media Personality Types You Didn’t Know Existed“, Jeff Cryder Jr. outlines the 11 personality types categorized by online social habits.  Of the various personality types listed, I seem to relate best to the “lurker” and the “harmonizer”.

On Facebook, I am a “harmonizer”.  I like to keep up-to-date with friends and family by commenting on their status updates, photos and conversations.  Beyond my Facebook bubble, I would say that I have strong characteristics of a “lurker”. I like to surf the web to read the online news, product reviews and prices as well as occasionally read the most random things online. However, I rarely contribute or post comments to these very same websites that I spend excessive amounts of time reading.

Is one’s social media personality much different from one’s day-to-day personality?  I think it depends on the purpose of one’s social media interaction.  Should my personality be different for the purpose of my social media interaction?  No.  I enjoy simplicity.  I consider myself easy-going and down-to-earth — not much excitement and not too opinionated.  Practical and personable (to those I am comfortable with) are probably words used to describe me.  To create an alternate personality for the sake of social media would complicate my joy of simplicity.

To me, enjoying the company of good friends and family is important … especially if it involves yummy food.  I love to capture the moment in time and cherish the memories – the family, the friends and of course, the food.  My camera is almost always at my side (though whether I am fast enough to catch a “moment” is an entirely different issue).  Though this blog was started as a requirement for my social media marketing course, I hope  to share some thoughts, some good times and lots of food photos.

One food blog that I like to check out from time to time is Chow Times.  I came across this blog one day while searching for information on a restaurant.  The food photos on the website immediately caught my attention and I stopped to skim a few of the easy-to-read entries.    Not only did it give me an idea of which items to order at that particular restaurant but I also noted down a few other places and their respective specialty items to try out.

In my search for other food blogs, I came across Sherman’s Food Adventures and will probably spend some time here as well.  I quite like the layout and presentation of this site.  The food pictures look very delicious as well.

As I complete my third blog post, I am obviously far from having a well-developed social media personality here.  I am certain it will take me some time (and lots of eating) to do so.  But that is perfectly fine with me … as long as I don’t have one of these social media personality disorders!  😉

steamed bun looks plain but tastes absolutely delicious with the condensed milk