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Welcome to my food photo blog!

This blog was set up as a requirement for my Social Media Marketing course.  Over the course of the next 12 weeks, I’ll get to use this site to post some of my food photos, share some thoughts, explore some social media marketing concepts, and most importantly, have some experimental fun.  Hopefully by the end of my course, I will be able to apply the social media marketing concepts to enjoy a positive blogging experience… and to be able to use wordpress.com without getting overwhelmed by all the options!

The first photo uploaded to my blog is the header image.  My close friend moved to Australia a few years ago and invited me over for a visit.  She introduced me to the Australian concept of fish and chips – fish fillet, chips/fries and salad.  Who said fish & chips had to be deep-fried and greasy?  Served in a different place with a different interpretation, it can also be a healthy balance of delicious food!

Looking forward to sharing some good times…


Fish and Chips in Sydney, Australia