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I moved away from my Tuesday, Thursday (or Friday) and Sunday training schedule.  With various work and personal commitments, it has become difficult to stick to the set schedule.  I am trying to maintain the three days per week commitment.

My weekday lunch runs are limited to a maximum of four kilometres because of time restrictions (and fitting in a shower immediately afterwards) but they are perfect for practising my continuous uphill struggles … uh… jogging non-stop regardless of the terrain.  For that reason, I use my Sunday runs to build distance and endurance into my training.  Each week, I add in a few extra minutes and more laps at the track.

Last Saturday was another gorgeous day and perfect for running.  Earlier last week, I ran on the Tuesday and Wednesday.  By Saturday morning, I was itching to run and did not want to wait for my regular Sunday training.  At a slow but steady pace, I ran to the track and started counting my laps.

I left home with the intention of running at least four kilometres and hoped to reach five kilometres. Taking into account the distance from home to the track (and back again), I calculated the number of times I would need to run past my marker signpost.  Eight laps (plus the distance to and from the track) should be enough to total five kilometres.  On my eighth lap, I realized that there were no cramps (yet) and I was still able to keep moving.  I decided to try for 10 laps — really, what’s an extra two laps?  And as I hit ten laps, 12 laps didn’t seem too much more.  When I finished my 12 laps around the track, I ran home.  The total came out to 6.3 kilometres in just over 46 minutes.  At least a full kilometre more than what I had set out to do!

It’s a good thing I ran on Saturday morning.  My friend, W, was travelling to Vancouver for the weekend and was (unfortunately) stuck in traffic.  As the day panned out, my Saturday dinner plans were rescheduled to Sunday brunch.  Knowing the difficulty that I have with getting up in the mornings, it would be impossible to have time to run in the morning yet be downtown for brunch.  It was an either-or situation for me.

When Sunday morning rolled around, I met up with W downtown.  Having done some research (search the internet for “Best Brunch in Vancouver”), I suggested the Twisted Fork Bistro.  The bistro opened at 10 am and we arrived shortly after.  It was already a full house and we were told that the last table was just seated minutes before us.  The wait for a table was estimated to be 45 minutes.  W had other commitments to attend to so waiting 45 minutes was not an option.  I thought we were out of luck until the waiter told us that he did have one last area he could seat us… if we didn’t mind sitting at a ledge facing the wall.  W and I were fine with that and we took the last seat in the bistro.

Although the menu was only one page in length, I still felt overwhelmed… or maybe I was too busy taking photos of the menu.  ;)  Rather than guessing at what might taste good, I asked the server what the most popular items on the menu were.  She pointed out the French Toast and the Eggs Benny — done and done!  W and I decided to share the items to try a bit of both.

menu...held down with (what else?) but a twisted fork

menu…held down with (what else?) but a twisted fork

W's coffee

W’s coffee

my orange juice

my orange juice

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benny with toasted brioche, poached eggs, hollandaise, served with sauteed spinach, rosti and baked beans

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benny with toasted brioche, poached eggs, hollandaise, served with sauteed spinach, rosti and baked beans

Banana stuffed brioche French Toast sprinkled with cinnamon icing sugar, topped with vanilla whipped cream

Banana stuffed brioche French Toast sprinkled with cinnamon icing sugar, topped with vanilla whipped cream

W and I had lots to catch up on so even though it took a little longer to serve the food, time just flew by.  The food was really good.  When ordering eggs benedict, I usually ask to have the hollandaise on the side.  At some places, I have found the hollandaise sauce too runny or simply too much.  I didn’t ask to have it separated while at the Twisted Fork and was thankful when it came out not too runny and not too much.  When comparing the two items that we ordered, I particularly liked the banana stuffed brioche french toast with the whipping cream and syrup.  Although I found the brioche in the Eggs Benny a bit dry, the combination of stuffed banana, whipping cream and syrup made the brioche in the French Toast perfect.

Twisted Fork Bistro on Urbanspoon

I’m very glad we were able to squeeze into the last two seats of the restaurant.  We had a fantastic brunch of good food and years of catching up.  After lunch, W was kind enough to drop me off en route to other commitments.  Look at what beautiful weather we had … all the pretty blossoms of the day!

A beautiful, blossoming weekend

A beautiful, blossoming weekend


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